Paid Time Off To Care For A Newborn Is A Right In A Functioning Democracy


The U.S. Is The Only Industrialized Country Without Guaranteed Paid Maternity Leave

Something is seriously wrong with our social system. The basic unit of any country is the family, and the U.S. should do everything it can to make that unit function happily and effectively. But thanks to the good-old-boy, gun slinging code in Washington, the family is left out to dry in several different ways.

Sergio Lins Andrade always says lawmakers brag about being the number one nation on the planet, but we are nowhere near the top when it comes to guaranteeing a proper maternity leave or implementing an effective health care plan. Only 12% of American workers have a paid maternity leave through their employer. The U. S. does offer a 12-week unpaid leave, but it is a far cry from a civilized plan to nurture children in the beginning stages of life.

The facts don’t lie. Congress has an antiquated mindset when it comes to taking care of their most prized possession, the family. They ignore the needs of a functioning democracy. The government has left its people to fend for themselves while they reap the rewards from their wealthy lobbyists.

U.S. Healthcare and Discrimination

If people in other countries thought the U.S. Affordable Care Act ended insurance company discrimination against certain types of patients, they are 100 percent wrong.

A study published by Harvard’s Doug Jacobs and Benjamin Sommers in the New England Journal of Medicine this month shows that insurance carriers profile patients based on prescription drug use. Some companies have made it difficult for some patients who need expensive prescription drugs for certain conditions to get coverage.

Jacobs and Sommers looked specifically at the health insurance exchange plans in 12 states and the co-pay costs of treating HIV.

Many companies have designed plans that include HIV drug coverage to be far more expensive than other plans and increased out-of-pocket deductibles that patients must pay before coverage kicks in. As Brian Torchin understands it, in some cases, insurance companies actually attached higher deductibles to specific drugs. Jacobs and Sommers refer to this pricing as “adverse tiering” because it has a negative effect on patients and is opposite to the overall goals of Obamacare.

Insurance companies need to make up losses paid out in treating people with chronic conditions and feel that patients who require more care should pay more even though those patients are less likely to have the money to pay more.

Jacobs and Sommers fear that fixing this issue may prompt insurance carriers to hike their pricing overall to make up losses for some customers from all customers.

FreedomPop Offers Free Services for Parents Across America

I was reading the Wall Street Journal blog when I came across a company I’ve never heard of before and I really think that busy & broke parents everywhere could benefit from this news. FreedomPop is a company that offers customers both free wireless internet as well as mobile phone service. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. They also provide wireless data voice and text services for various providers such as Clearwire and Sprint. This company sells various electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets and broadband devices that people can buy to use with their services directly. 

FreedomPop was founded in 2011 by two people: current CEO Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. The company is getting basic funding from various sources including Mangrove Capital, Doll Capital Management as well as Atomico. In 2014 GigaOm reported suggested there was a possible acquisition of the company by by Sprint Corporation but those rumors proved unfounded. 

Before his involvement in FreedomPop, Stokols was the CEO of Woo Media, a media related start up. The company began sales of their first smartphones in October 2012. At that time, they converted 5% of their free users to paying customers. By November, the number of such users had increased to 10%. They also began offering various kinds of mobile and wireless internet services all across America by using Clearwire’s existing 4G network. By December of 2012 they had converted 20% of their free user base to paid customers.

As of April 2013, FreedomPop had partnered with Sprint to expand the coverage to include both 3G and 4G with Sprint compatible items. In October 2013, they started a beta free mobile plan that included many kinds of services including voice and text, as well as various data services. In November the company began a bring your own device that worked with Sprint-compatible phones.

They also began supporting and selling iphones that were Sprint-compatible as of April 2014. At that point they began providing an iOS app that lets people get voice, text and useful voicemail service to all their customers in the United States. As of May 2014, the company started supporting LTE Android smartphones. In July they announced they would be offering specific SIM card-based plans in that were aimed at the Belgian market with Dutch carrier KPN. At present, the company does not sell their mobile devices anywhere outside of the United States.

Company officials expect further growth in the future as they continue to meet the needs of the marketplace and work to expand their existing customer base in the United States. If you want to hear more about FreedomPop, check out these Amazon reviews or check out what people have to say on their pages on iTunes or Google Play.

Parents Plead School To Make Children Get Vaccinated For Measles.

Carl Krawitt who has watched his 6 year old son fight leukemia for the past five years and spent three of those years with chemo has gone into remission. However, there is a new threat. If you’ve been up to date with all the latest news and information blogs such as the one my friend Flavio Maluf suggested on LinkedIn then you would know about the measles outbreak in California’s Disneyland and spreading to the surrounding states. This is one threat that little Rhett has to worry about. He can not get vaccinated because his immune system is still rebuilding itself. It could take many more months before his body is healthy enough to get vaccinated.

Rhett and his family live in a part of California where it has the highest rate of personal belief exemptions. This means parents can lawfully send their kids to school unvaccinated based on their beliefs. Carl, the father, says he has had it. This could be life threatening to little Rhett and he shouldn’t have to worry about putting his kid in a public school. Carl and his wife has sense emailed the school district with pleading cries to not let children come to school unvaccinated. The school board has replied, saying that, they are monitoring the situation closely.

Currently there are no known measles in the part of California that they live and the situation will continue to be monitored.

Jared Haftel Career Insights

Jared Haftel concluded his university studies and graduated from Duke University in the year 2009. Jareds 5 years in Duke University gave him the opportunity to achieve degrees in Economics, science as well as Mathematics. These exemplary achievements have since made him qualify to serve very well in his dream career of investment banking in blue chip companies.

He started his career in investment banking by serving in Merrill Lynch, where he worked in the docket of investment banking analyst and specifically offered his profound professional insight to several high profile companies like CONSOLE Energy and GEoEye. His practice and exposure obtained from working with these companies gave his an opportunity of landing great positions in the competitive industry of investment banking. Among the jobs he managed to grab included his tenure as an investment banking analyst in Bank of America, as well as an associate of Vector capital.

Moreover, Jareds exemplary performance in the University and his remarkable career went in line with his great desire in sharing a piece of his mind with people looking for employment especially in the field of investment banking.

Jared shares his insight by explaining the essence of composing an appealing resume whenever people are applying for a job. He starts by asserting that devoting a resume to an actual career achievement is the most prudent decision that one can make in their lives. This is because of the fact that, it is much more essential to highlight your prospective significance to any potential employers, and one can do this by displaying whatever they have achieved to the those employers.

An excellent resume is supposed to have half of its content dwelling on work experience that has relevance particularly if one is seeking a high profile position. This is due to the fact that it is quite important to have a well narrated and illustrated working experience when searching for big jobs. Wide experience in certain jobs is the key aspect that is sought after whenever one is looking for employment opportunity that has a handsome remuneration, provides endless opportunities and the deserved job security. Having these in kind, it is good to have a resume that reflects the experience you have in your career field. One is not advised to concentrate on the things you achieved in tertiary level or in high school. In fact, one should fully abandon everything that concerns high school, because it is very rare to get any prominent corporate company that requires knowing anything about high school. In this regard, if one wishes to successfully get a job in big corporations, you are required to utilize the relevant professional accolades.

An employment position that one had financial institution of any kind so long as it is reputable and achievements made in your current job or previous job. These sums up the crucial factors that any potential employer anticipates to see in an applicants resume. They look forward to establishing the reasons that drives them to get a good member of staff, a person that can be trusted and one that is in a position to execute their duties in the right way.

Nevertheless, one should be prepared to answer some complex questions. In relation to what Jared says, some instances require you to be willing to engage in demanding conversations for you to accomplish something worthwhile in your profession. This entails giving good reasons why you desire to leave your current position, or reasons why you departed from the job you served previously. These helps in supporting your candidacy for the employment position on offer.

Susan McGalla: Advice for the Professional Woman

Susan McGalla, the creator P3 Executive Consulting, offers ladies three essential procedures and strategies to accomplish everything they want.

1. Advanced Education, Greater Opportunities

Susan McGalla encourages youngsters to not be threatened by the expense of an advanced education, but instead to depend on smart planning and budgeting. McGalla notes that there is as of now a higher number of ladies in advanced education that is difficult to ignore.

2. Proceed with Confidence

The accomplishment of advanced education may expand opportunities for ladies, yet once entering the workforce the environment can lead ladies to feel less positive about seeking after their future professions inside an organization. McGalla focuses to a study directed by Bain & Company that recommends that after some time ladies’ yearning levels drop by 60% because of the impact of administration.

McGalla claims that it is important to discover help and constructed a system of influences The climbing yearning to succeed is the thing that will deliver higher nature of work to accomplish even greater goals.

3. Disregard the Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla says she owes her individual accomplishment to disregarding the “unfair limitation” and rather concentrating on her hard working attitude. The point in the professions is not to break the biased based impediment. McGalla claims she never conveyed a chip on my shoulder of what I ought to be qualified for as a lady or what preferences existed.

While actions based on gender roles keep on dominating the work environment, McGalla sways ladies to persist “Don’t be the subject of preference and segregation. Don’t strengthen generalizations and let your work justify itself with real evidence.”

All About BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a smart, state of the art Brazilian investment company whose driving purpose is to offer each client exceptional, goal-oriented investment services that help them realize their personal and professional dreams.

At BRL Trust, the primary motivation is offering clients the absolutely amazing investment services they need and deserve. To ensure that they can continually realize this objective, they utilize a holistic set of services and strategies. Specifically, BRL Trust believes that the adoption of a customer-centered approach to the world of investing is the most efficacious methodology. As such, they place great primacy on maintaining clear, open lines of communication with their clients so they can ensure profound, up to date understanding of their objectives, needs, and values. Additionally, BRL Trust offers comprehensive investment services to ensure that each of their client’s needs is served. Below are some of those services:

As many industry experts know, capital markets have become increasingly sophisticated. At the same time, the global credit market is subject to perpetual developments and evolutions. To respond effectively to these changes, the professionals of BRL Trust are happy to offer several smart, savvy services which will ensure that they meet the investor’s growing demand for reliability and security.

The Securities Commission has authorized BRL Trust to operate as managers of investment funds. As a result, they currently maintain 99 funds through administration with NAV. The funds total $18.25 billion, as reported on their LinkedIn page.

The BRL Trust works on behalf of a plethora of customers (both individuals and institutional investors) for the purpose of managing investing funds and devising actionable, viable investment measures that are aligned to meet investor demands.

BRL Trust is pleased to offer a wide range of custodial services, some of which include control of corporate events, reconciliation of assets with clearinghouses, centralization of procedures settlement, cash settlements, and control of securities lending operations.

The professionals of BRL Trust are highly skilled in helping clients get the investment results they want and their team is ready to start working on your behalf right now.

North American Spine Releases Info on Proper Posture

North American Spine understands how important it is to have quality posture, as anything less is simply going to result in extensive back pain and other problems. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to know how to stand. This might sound simple, but in all actuality, the majority of people both do not stand correctly and also experience some sort of back pain. That is exactly why the North American Spine released a document detailing information regarding back pain and how it can be avoided.

For starters, pain in the lower back is actually the leading cause of disability throughout the entire world and not just in the United States. In the US alone, at least 80 percent of all citizens are going to experience some sort of back pain in their life time and on a continual basis. This is usually due to not standing properly. By following what the North American Spine has to say, it is possible to correct this problem though by following through with the instructions provided by the organization.

For starters, it is necessary to properly align the spine. The middle of the neck needs to be aligned with the middle of the foot. There are many other ways that people stand that causes them to develop standing problems. Many people stand with their shoulders slouched, which places the heel of the foot in line with the middle of the neck. Other people lean forward when they walk, which pushes their chest too forward and overextends their back, causing back problems.

Now, for many people, they do not realize that they have poor back posture. Thankfully, there are a few tell signs that indicate when someone is suffering from bad posture. First, the he’d or neck is going to jab forward. Beyond this, the shoulders might be slouched and have a bit of a rounded feeling to it. Also, the lower back is going to be arched inwards and curves away from the spin, as if the body is almost shaping an “S”.

In order to obtain the best posture while standing, the head needs to be straight and the chin should be slightly tucked with shoulders and back aligned. This allows weight to be evenly distributed while walking and the knees need to slightly bend. Of course, all of this is only going to happen if properly fitted shoes are being worn.

The Award-Winning Achievements of Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., Plastic Surgeon


Many are not aware of all the different procedures in which plastic surgery is performed. Some of these procedures present much less invasiveness than other procedures. A plastic surgeon has a keen perception on facial rejuvenation (surgical and nonsurgical types), all types of cosmetic surgery, nose surgery, brow lifts, neck lifts, face lifts, eyelid surgery, and fillers, Botox injections, body contouring, breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tucks, liposuction, body makeovers, arm lifts and breast reconstruction. These types of surgical procedures affect the way in which a person looks and most procedures drastically change appearances, supposedly for the better. It’s important for parents thinking of undergoing surgery to know as much as they can about a procedure and their doctor.

Never just, assume that the plastic surgeon chosen will supposedly have wonderful results, know for sure the right quality skilled surgeon is a leader in plastic surgery. Dallas has a wonderful leader in plastic surgery procedures and his name is Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.

Dr. Rohrich became a leader in the field of plastic surgery because he led others in new techniques and procedures that are now widely used. With a lifetime focus on research and education, it is no wonder why so many trust their  appearance to Dr. Rohrich. For over the last 20-years, Dr. Rohrich’s research, advanced the way plastic surgery is done today with new approaches towards aesthetic and reconstructive surgery that show greatly increased safety and surgical results that look highly natural. All of the above surgical interventions have gone through a series of improved techniques.

We say, “Do not trust any other plastic surgeon with the end result of appearance until a consult is done with Dr. Rohrich and then decide that this surgeon who is renowned locally in Dallas, on a national level and globally for his track record of achievements, being named the best plastic surgeon in the business. The doctor is President of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and is involved in five distinctive plastic surgery organization, contributing aesthetic plastic surgery training for physicians across the vast United States.”

We might add that Dr. Rohrich‘s achievements do not stop as he has served with the March of Dimes, Save the Children and the Dallas chapter of the American Cancer Society. Add to these the Dallas for Children Foundation.

If plastic surgery is on the horizon, we say, “Come and meet Dr. Rohrich and his staff in Dallas, Texas, our office welcomes a visit to all new and returning clients who only want the best outcome in their plastic surgery procedure.”

The Rapid Growth of App Skout

There are many apps out there in our day and age that keep us entertained and help us live a fuller life. There are so many new apps coming out on a daily basis that it can be quite difficult to really find what apps are the best out there. Here in this article we will be sharing with you the popular new app, Skout. This is an app that is really changing things up in the social scene, and we will go over how this app can really change up your own personal social scene.

Skout is an amazing new social dating app that is available on IOS and Android operating systems. This application allows individuals to find others in a general location close to theirs. This is similar to other popular dating apps that are out there, but Skout is different because of many of its features. Sending virtual gifts is one way in which this app really stands out above the rest. The shake to chat feature is also a very fun feature which sets this app apart from other dating apps. The shake to chat feature allows individuals who are shaking their phones at the same time to be connected on a chat. This is a great way to insure that you are actually chatting with someone who is going to be engaged in the conversation.

Skout has been a very big mover in the world of business as well, making headlines for its amazing success in its original funding. During initial funding, Skout raised 22 million dollars, which helped this app launch into 180 countries. It is easy to see why so many individuals are choosing Skout as their main social connection app. The amount of funding that has gone into this app truly makes it one of the industries greatest growing companies.

Skout recently acquired the app Nixter as well. Nixter is a nightlife app which gives you info on the latest events and the hottest clubs. Pairing these two apps up is really a great way to push your social life to the next level. Skout is truly building an empire of social life apps that will soon be known as some of the best in the industry. It is easy to see why investors have positioned themselves so heavily on the success of dating app Skout. It will be interesting to see how many more apps Skout will acquire in the near future.

Skout really has a very promising future in the app industry. More and more users continue to use Skout everyday, and the growth of this app isn’t slowing down anytime soon. There are many ways in which Skout can continue to grow, and it will be interesting to see where the owners decide to take this app company in the future. It will be interesting to see if there are any acquisitions of Skout in the future. More information in general can be found here.